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ID Policy

Per Missouri State law, we require physical identification for every client without exception. We cannot legally pierce anyone without identification, and failure to arrive on time with the proper ID will cause you to forfeit your time-slot and deposit!

- Adults need a state-issued photo ID. The accepted identifications are as follows:

drivers license or permit, nondrivers license, passport, or military ID

-We also require a physical birth certificate (original or a high quality copy) for anyone under 18! Minors also need to be accompanied by at least one parent that is listed on the birth certificate, and that parent needs to bring ID as well.

- If accompanied by a court determined legal guardian, court documents are required.

Deposit policy

We take a non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment. There are a few instances where the deposit can be refunded:

- To reschedule or cancel your appointment with a full refund, you must let us know by 11 AM on the day of your appointment via phone call / message, email, or text to our shop phone. If we do not answer, leave a message so we can confirm the cancellation!

- If you are not suitable for the piercing you booked for, we will offer other options for that session. If you choose not to get another piercing, we will offer you a refund - it's not your fault you weren't suited and won't be punished for that reason!

studio etiquette

When you visit our studio, you are visiting a professional environment similar to that of a doctor's or dentist's office. We never want to turn anyone away for their behavior, so we ask that you help us maintain a relaxed environment by being respectful of the space and our staff. A little bit of kindness goes a long way and being verbally or physically harmful will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that we are indeed human beings, not robots!

We book all piercing services by appointment, though jewelry changes / downsizes / purchases are done on a walk-in basis between other appointments. We have two piercers on staff Friday / Saturday, on other days there may be a wait while we work on piercing bookings but we will serve you when available.

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