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We believe that the foundation of a beautiful and safe body piercing is the jewelry that goes into it, so we proudly carry jewelry from the finest American manufacturers to adorn your piercing!


 Jewelry is selected from our inventory during your appointment. We carry the following materials for initial piercing:

  • Implant Grade Titanium per ASTM F-136 guidelines

  • Implant Grade Stainless per ASTM F-138 guidelines

  • Nickel-free solid 14kt and 18kt gold (yellow, rose, and white)

  • Borosilicate & Soda-Lime glass

  • Niobium (an inert metallic element)

  • No adhesives or glues are used and all gemstones are either Swarovski or genuine gemstones, handset by an expert technician.

  • All jewelry is polished to a mirror-finish for superior biocompatibility.

  • Our manufacturers offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee

We do not use jewelry that has been purchased online or brought in from outside the studio, unless previously purchased from us or another reputable piercing studio. If you have questions about the quality of your jewelry, please call or email.

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