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Our main goal at Crystal Point is safe, beautiful piercings! 

- Unfortunately, not everyone is going to have the specific anatomy required for the piercing or jewelry they desire.

- Some piercing placements are not offered for safety reasons. All piercings are done at the piercer's discretion - if you are not suited due to anatomy or lifestyle, other options may be available!

-We do not pierce people during pregnancy or people who are currently breastfeeding. We recommend waiting at least 3 months postpartum or until completely done breastfeeding.

- We offer the following piercings services to minors based on age and experience with healing body piercings:

  • Age 9-11 First Earlobes Only

  • Age 12+ Nostril, Basic Cartilage, Conch, additional earlobes (2nds, 3rds)

  • Age 15+ Lip / Labret, Eyebrow, Navel (belly button)

  • Age 15+ (With a previously healed cartilage piercing) Tragus, Daith, Rook, Industrial, Forward Helix, Septum

  • Age 18+ Tongue, Bridge, Large Gauge Earlobes, Nipples.

- Piercings we do NOT offer: cheek/dimple, horizontal tongue, horizontal lip, ashley, smiley. We are not currently  performing surface piercings (anchors/dermals, surface bars,) and most genital placements (only VCH and labia are offered,) but hope to offer these in the future.

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