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Our main goal at Crystal Point is safe, beautiful piercings! 

- Unfortunately, not everyone is going to have the specific anatomy required for the piercing or jewelry they desire.

- Some piercing placements are not offered for safety reasons. All piercings are done at the piercer's discretion - if you are not suited due to anatomy or lifestyle, other options may be available!


-We do not pierce people during pregnancy or people who are currently breastfeeding. We recommend waiting at least 3 months postpartum or until completely done breastfeeding.

 - Piercings will not be performed when numbing cream has been applied. We do not recommend using numbing cream, as it causes the tissue to become more tight and constricted. This can make assessing anatomy very difficult, and can also result in a crooked piercing once the numbing wears off. 

-We cannot pierce anyone who is currently taking Accutane/has taken Accutane in the past six months. 

- Piercings we do NOT offer: cheek/dimple, horizontal tongue (frog eyes), horizontal lip, ashley, smiley. We are not currently  performing surface piercings (anchors/dermals, surface bars,) and most genital placements (only VCH, Christina, and labia are offered,) but hope to offer these in the future.

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