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Pricing can vary depending on what jewelry you select during your appointment.


- A single piercing has a $40 piercing fee, plus the cost of the jewelry you select.


-We offer a discounted piercing fee ($25) for any additional piercing done in the same sitting. This applies to standard earlobe piercings, as well as multiple piercings in different placements.


-For example, if you are wanting a nostril piercing on both sides of your nose, this would be a total $65 piercing fee ($40 + $25), plus the cost of jewelry you select.


-Our most basic titanium jewelry ranges from $35 to $80 (depending on type) and gold options start at $80 and can go up to several hundred for the fanciest pieces. We are transparent about the cost of our jewelry. During your session, we will let you know the prices of any and all jewelry you select before your service. If you have questions about specific jewelry for a certain piercing before your appointment, please call and we can clarify.

-We do not charge a fee to insert jewelry that you purchase from us, though tips are appreciated! We do not insert any low quality or damaged jewelry.


-We have saline aftercare available for purchase for $10.

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